Monday, October 03, 2005

Bet on 2005 Econ Nobel Prize


The Nobel prize in economics will come out next week. To have some fun, I am putting out $50 as the prize money for people (not only for students) who successfully bet on any of the winners of this year. If you are interested, please send your speculations to my email address at The deadline is by this Saturday (Oct. 8th). You can only have two nominees and one field. If nobody has the right names (I know it's very hard, but I have people who have got it right before), the first 2 people who bet on the right field will get $10 each. Your email to me should look like this:

name 1: first last
name 2: first last
field: game theory

If you want to know recent winners or try to find out some patterns, you can go to: .

BTW, my bet for this year's prize is, Oliver E. Williamson.

Let's have some fun.


PS: the bet is only limited to Brandeis community.